Aeron – the global technology standard for high-throughput, low-latency, fault-tolerant trading systems.

Used by capital markets firms globally

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What's new

Feature icon Man Group leverages Aeron to improve the latency of its FX execution system

The leading hedge fund replaced its commercial messaging tool with Aeron's open-source technology to improve the latency of its FX execution system. See the full case study for architecture overview, latency profiles and benefits.

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Feature icon HSBC’s Journey: Using Aeron to enhance its electronic trading stack

Grahame Rogers, Global Head Of Algo Platforms - Equities IT, shares details around their new architecture based on a command bus, event bus, and sequencer-style architecture and describes HSBC’s detailed usage of Aeron.

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Release icon Version 1.44.0 released!

Explore new Response Channels experimental feature, avoid stalls through async DNS resolution, improve tethering behavior, reduce recovery time in congested networks, loss recovery improvements and more.

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Open-source & sponsored by Adaptive.
The Aeron suite of software components includes:

Aeron Transport Aeron Transport

High-performance messaging with microsecond latency and extremely high throughput.

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Aeron Cluster Aeron Cluster

Fault tolerant service container for distributed state replication.

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Aeron Archive Aeron Archive

Zero message loss through reliable, ultra-fast data storage and message replay.

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Aeron Premium

Aeron Premium

For business or enterprise use!

Take your Aeron implementation to the next level.

  • Complete support with enterprise-level SLA
  • Additional Aeron software components
    – Aeron Transport Security
    – Aeron Transport Kernel Bypass
    – Aeron Cluster Warm Standby
  • Architectural design consulting
  • Developer resources
  • Discounted rates for training courses & professional services

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We partner with

  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services

Aeron Key Features

  • Latency icon

    Low Latency Less than 100 μs in the cloud and 18 μs on physical hardware.

  • Throughput icon

    Highest Throughput Over 1 million msg/sec at microsecond latency.

  • Anywhere icon

    Runs Anywhere On-premises, in the cloud and at co-location facilities.

  • Temperature icon

    24/7 Availability Hot system upgrades & automatic failover for zero system downtime.

  • Brokerless icon

    Brokerless Reduce hardware & OPEX costs associated with broker-based systems.

  • Cog icon

    Easy to Implement Spend more time on valuable business logic and less on technical infrastructure.

  • Resilient icon

    Resilient Robust fault tolerance for mission-critical applications.

  • Secure icon

    Secure End-to-end encryption for secure low-latency message communication.