Aeron – the global technology standard for high-throughput, low-latency, fault-tolerant trading systems.

Used by capital markets firms globally

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What's new

Software feature icon Aeron enables capital markets to move to cloud

Aeron & Amazon Web Services (AWS) have benchmarked Aeron Open Source and Aeron Premium. This blog outlines the benchmarking process & test results on AWS.

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Software feature icon Aeron & AWS Performance Testing Guide

We tested Aeron on AWS to prove the speed and resilience that can be achieved for trading systems in the cloud. For detailed results & to replicate the tests in your own environment, download the step-by-step AWS testing guide.

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Release icon Version 1.42.0 released!

Improved service availability with Cluster Standby Snapshots & Graceful Leader Close, simplified network access config via Port Manager, improved monitoring with Host Name Resolution Time Tracking and more.

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Open-source & sponsored by Adaptive.
The Aeron suite of software components includes:

Aeron Transport Aeron Transport

High-performance messaging with microsecond latency and extremely high throughput.

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Aeron Cluster Aeron Cluster

Fault tolerant service container for distributed state replication.

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Aeron Archive Aeron Archive

Zero message loss through reliable, ultra-fast data storage and message replay.

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Aeron Premium

Aeron Premium

For business or enterprise use!

Take your Aeron implementation to the next level.

  • Complete support with enterprise-level SLA
  • Additional Aeron software components
    – Aeron Transport Security
    – Aeron Transport Kernel Bypass
    – Aeron Cluster Warm Standby
  • Architectural design consulting
  • Developer resources
  • Discounted rates for training courses & professional services

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We partner with

  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services

Aeron Key Features

  • Latency icon

    Low Latency Less than 100 μs in the cloud and 18 μs on physical hardware.

  • Throughput icon

    Highest Throughput Over 1 million msg/sec at microsecond latency.

  • Anywhere icon

    Runs Anywhere On-premises, in the cloud and at co-location facilities.

  • Temperature icon

    24/7 Availability Hot system upgrades & automatic failover for zero system downtime.

  • Brokerless icon

    Brokerless Reduce hardware & OPEX costs associated with broker-based systems.

  • Cog icon

    Easy to Implement Spend more time on valuable business logic and less on technical infrastructure.

  • Resilient icon

    Resilient Robust fault tolerance for mission-critical applications.

  • Secure icon

    Secure End-to-end encryption for secure low-latency message communication.