Aeron Premium

Adaptive offers a range of commercial packages to complement the Aeron open-source software.

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    Complete support with enterprise-level SLA

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    Additional Aeron software components

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    Architectural design consulting

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Aeron Premium - Software Components

Aeron Transport

Aeron Transport Security (ATS)

Secure Aeron frames on the network.

  • Lightning fast OpenSSL cryptography
  • Public Key authentication
  • Secure unicast, multicast, multi-destination-cast streams

Datasheet →

Datasheet →

Aeron Transport

Aeron Transport Kernel Bypass

Unlock the full potential of your network.

  • Support for ef_vi, DPDK, VMA
  • Significantly reduce CPU overhead in the call path from user space to network card
  • Yielding lower and more predictable latency

Datasheet →

Datasheet →

Aeron Cluster

Aeron Cluster Standby

Ensure high-availability & fault tolerance of critical applications.

  • High Availability via Snapshotting and Node Rebuilding
  • Disaster Recovery via Cluster Backups
  • Load Management via Query Offload

Datasheet →

Datasheet →

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